Top Wedding Dress Designer Breakdown

The wedding industry just keeps booming and new designers are making their name known every year. However, there are some top wedding dress designers who have been around a while and are staples on the bridal fashion scene. These designers are known by most everyone and each has their own unique style and certain trends that are associated with their gown creations. They are great at sticking to their style and specific line and keeping the brides interested. Below are three of many designers that are super popular and definitely here to stay. Check out what they are known and loved for by so many brides to be!

Vera Wang: Vera Wang is the undisputed queen of wedding dresses. Wang was senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years and then a design director for Ralph Lauren. Then in 1989 Vera got engaged. She was frustrated with the wedding dress choices she had and decided to design her own. A year later she opened her first boutique. Vera is known for being on the cutting edge of bridal fashion. She has created some controversial gowns as well. She is responsible for bringing the black wedding dress to life, along with many other colors. She is not afraid to step outside the box. Vera is also known for her edgy razor cuts and layered fabrics that are simply stunning. Recently, she launched “White by Vera Wang” so that every bride could afford her creations. Her gowns range anywhere from $1000 to over 40K!

Maggie Sottero: Maggie Sottero is a name to be reckoned with in the bridal industry. Established in 1997, Maggie threw the rulebook out the window and concentrated on making couture dresses that any bride could afford. With that said, she does in no way sacrifice quality and makes some stunning gowns. Maggie Sottero is known for her wide variety of wedding dress styles. No matter what kind of wedding dress you are looking, whether it be a silhouette or over theme, Maggie will have you covered. The vast line grows every year and it is not going anywhere. Stunning bridal gowns start as low as $800. The average price of Maggie gowns is about $1200. For top-notch design and style, you simply can’t beat this line.

Monique Lhuillier: Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier actually have similar backgrounds. For example, while looking for her wedding dress in 1995, Monique was also surprised by the lack of fashionable bridal options. A year later, Monique launched her first bridal collection. Also like Vera, celebrities flock to her wedding gown line. Monique is known for her very feminine and romantic wedding frocks. She loves love and it shows in her beautiful dress designs. She is also a big fan of color, but in a different way that Vera. She keeps the colors light. Brides love her blush pink wedding dresses, as well as her lovely light blue approach. Monique is also known for her very soft fabrics and simple yet vintage-looking dresses. However, if you want to wear her on your big day, be prepared to pay the price. The average Monique wedding dress starts around 10K.

Wedding Dress Designers – Common Myths

Here are some occasionally-stated misconceptions about wedding dress designers and their role in making a success of your special day.

Wedding dress designers are expensive

This is perhaps one of the more commonly heard myths in this area. In fact, the cost differences between a bespoke designed and made dress and one that is purchased off the peg from a major up-market retailer, may be less significant than you might imagine or in some cases, not exist at all.

Remember that you are dealing directly with the designer and maker – and your dress is not going through several intermediaries, all of whom may need to add their percentage to the transaction. More pertinently perhaps, even if there is a cost differential in some cases, you are paying for a design that expresses you as a unique individual. You are not trying to fit your expectations and aspirations for your day into something that someone has made without knowing anything about you and your personality.

It can be difficult to get the design changed if you change in your mind

There are a number of stages leading up to the making and final fitting of your dress.

That process typically goes on over around three or four months as a minimum and experienced wedding dress designers will be using all of their skills to ensure that you are fully involved at each stage in the process.

There is absolutely no prospect of you seeing your dress for the first time and being totally surprised at its appearance. For example, initially you will have seen some form of “toile” version of the dress, which will be used for fitting and to give you a very good idea of the final look you will have when the dress itself is completed.

Of course, things may change. Your weight or body shape might vary over time and that will be accommodated by the various stages in the fitting and adjustment stages (up until around two or three weeks before your big day, when you’ll have the final fitting). More fundamental design changes can be accommodated as time progresses but, of course, the later you leave that in the process then the more difficult and expensive it may be to reflect them in your final dress. Remember that wedding dress designers have the ultimate objective of your total satisfaction.

They are booked up years in advance

This is often heard and is, if you think about it, quite amusing! Given that most couples might be extremely unwilling to wait years for a dress to be produced, it might be unlikely that the vast majority of bespoke dressmakers will have order books that go out into the far distant future.

Inevitably, different designers may have different workloads at different times. Many will require a minimum of 3 to 4 months’ notice to produce a dress but that would typically be well within the planning horizon of many events. If you can, giving wedding dress designers the earliest pre-notification possible might just ensure that you are able to sleep a little more easily at night, safe in the knowledge that you are securely written into their diary!