How to Choose a Wedding Dress Designer

Are you about to get married? If you are you’re no doubt thinking about the type of dress you are going to wear. If you want to get a couture bridal gown you will need to choose a wedding dress designer first. This is just as important a task as choosing the actual dress because you will rely heavily on your designer to help you arrive at the right choice.

Here are some tips for making sure you choose the best craftsperson for your needs.

Make sure you visit more than one wedding dress designer before making your choice

If you were looking for any type of service or item you were going to spend a lot of money on you would generally shop around and get quotes from more than one source before investing your money in it. The same applies to a wedding dress designer.

It is worth remembering you will see them several times before you collect your completed dress. Just imagine how awkward and frustrating this could be if you don’t get along with them or feel they aren’t listening to your concerns or requests. However, if you take the time to choose a person you feel comfortable with, and who supports you while dispensing useful advice, the whole process will be much easier indeed.

Choose someone you feel comfortable with

We all know how we click with some people and just cannot get along with others. It goes without saying you want to be sure the person making your bridal gown fits into the first group. Nuptial plans can be stressful enough without having to dread seeing one of the most important people in the entire process. You’re not expecting to become firm friends with them (although you may), but you should pick someone you like. You shouldn’t feel unable to express your feelings, as this could have a huge effect on the gown you end up with.

Do you have confidence in them?

This is an important question but it isn’t one many women think to ask themselves. Fortunately we’ve focused on it for you, so you will understand just why confidence is a big deal. Let’s not forget that while you have some ideas on what you want your gown to look like, your designer will have extensive experience in the field. They may be able to make some suggestions that will enable you to end up with an even better gown than you would otherwise have.

As you can see, there are some notable points to think about when you are looking around for your wedding dress designer. The more time you give to thinking about this, the easier it will be to find the right person. And when you have the right person on your side, the journey towards your ideal gown will be far easier to complete.

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Introduction to Wedding Dress Designs and Styles

Getting married is a very important moment in anyone’s life. This is the reason why couples like to prepare for this event intensely. Believe it or not, lots of women don’t give a lot of thoughts to the style or design of the wedding dress.

It is very important to know the basics of this aspect so that you can know exactly the way your dress should look like for this special day. Wedding dresses come in various colors, shapes, designs and styles. If you don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, you might waste your time and money choosing the wrong dress. Thus, in order to experience a perfect wedding with the right dress, you need to take into account a few basic tips. These apply when it comes to skimming the market for the right dress. Some of the elements that must be included here are the bodice, dress neckline, sleeves or shape.


The neckline of a dress is a fantastic way to draw attention on your upper body. This will help when it comes to photo shoots, because it will show off your neckline and beautiful shoulders. Some of the examples include the bateau, sweetheart, halter, asymmetrical, portrait, off-the-shoulder, strapless or scoop.


Lots of women like to go for the off-shoulder style when it comes to wedding dresses. In this case, the neckline is below the collarbones and the shoulders. Furthermore, this is a design which draws focus on the neck and shoulders of the bride. The wedding dress that has a portrait neckline is excellent for those women that want to accentuate their collarbones and neck, while at the same time covering the upper arms. Also, don’t forget that a very popular style is the halter neckline (straps or ties).


The dresses that have sleeves are made to protect the brides from various weather conditions. Some of the most appealing wedding dresses designs are the ¾ sleeves, t-shirt, cap or spaghetti straps. The t-shirt style is almost universal, because it permits designers to include this style to various types of wedding dresses. This gives the bride the sensation of comfort and, at the same time, offers a great coverage for the upper arm zone. This would be the preferred choice of the women who are not willing to show their arms.

The wedding dress bodice covers the entire upper body part of the dress that includes the sleeves, neckline and the skirt of the gown. Some examples of extremely popular dress bodice include the corset, halter, drop waist, empire, surplice, princess-line, tank and midriff. Probably you are more familiar with the corset type because it is more often seen in the historical movies. The tight bodice really helps the bride push her breasts, creating the illusion of a tinier waist.