Real Gowns For Real Curves: Tips From Wedding Dress Designers

Being buxom, voluptuous, or otherwise curvy shouldn’t be a problem when picking out a wedding dress. Designers make gowns specially to fit you and flatter your shape to make you look as great as you can on your special day! Here are a few tips on what gowns best fit certain body types. Find the one that suits the real curves real women have!

If You’re Curvy, Cinch That Waist!

If your shape has curves in the right places – regardless of your size – you will definitely want wedding dress designers to create one that is cinched at the smallest part of your waist, then flares out gradually. A fitted bodice with a lot of texture to it – think ruche or lace detailing – will help streamline your silhouette, almost like a corset. A spaghetti-strap bodice can also showcase a more slender upper body. For an even more slenderising effect, choose a V-shaped neckline, which will help create a vertical line, rather than horizontal. For this type of body, more substantial fabrics that won’t cling too much are recommended, such as duchesse satin and taffeta.

Slim With Curves? Mermaid Gowns Are Perfect!

If you are confidently shapely (slim but curvy), many wedding dress designers recommend a mermaid-style dress that skims the body then flows out from around the knees (also called a serpentina). This style can be truly amazing-looking, showing off your curves – especially when fitted properly and executed properly.

The A-Line and Cinderella Ball Gowns

Whatever the style, good wedding dress designers will want to focus on your waist, which is why you a skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation from the natural waist to the floor is great. This is particularly important if you’re curvier on top than on the bottom, as it highlights the narrowness of the midsection and de-emphasises the hips and thighs.

Another reason why the classic A-line silhouette comes highly recommended by wedding dress designers is that it is the perfect gown shape for different types of ceremonies. It lends itself well to formal occasions yet still works for more casual ones when done in lighter fabrics such as eyelet lace or raw silk. In fact, this shape can even take the form of the Cinderella-type ball gown many little girls dream of wearing at their weddings. The full skirt of a ball gown can hide large hips and thighs, while the top can be princess-sleeved, puff-sleeved, or even sleeveless!

What to Avoid

Trapeze A-lines, empire-cut dresses and medieval princess dresses with no marked waist can add pounds, especially as they hide your midsection. Trumpet-shaped dresses are also not recommended by many wedding dress designers as they focus attention one the widest part of your body and flare out at the slimmest parts of the body – the knees and legs.

Top Reasons to Choose Bespoke Wedding Dress Designers

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why brides to be might wish to consider using bespoke wedding dress designers.

Wedding dress designers – expressing you

It might be unusual to find a bride who wants to look exactly the same as another! [Unless they are emulating their favourite celebrity perhaps.] Of course, many brides are influenced by other dresses and may wish to reflect those influences in their own design; however, using a bespoke designer ensures that the dress that you wear on the final day will be an expression of you and not of somebody else.

A direct link from you to the creative

If you have ever looked at a bridal dress “off the peg” you may have experienced that feeling that it is almost right but not quite, because either something is lacking or something is included that doesn’t really fit your own particular requirements.

In the case of using your own designer, such things will be picked up in the earlier stages of the process and reflected in the following detailed fitting and adjustment sessions before your dress is completed. That way you will never look at the dress you plan to wear on your big day and think that it is almost what you want – but not quite.

Assessing your personality

It is not unusual to find brides-to-be who are not entirely sure of what they want. Yes, looking at photographs, magazines and portfolios is important, but ultimately your personality and style needs to be reflected in the final design.

Experienced wedding dress designers will know how to help you to think about your own aspirations and how you would like to see these reflected in not only your dress but also potentially the dresses of bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. This is an engagement and understanding that needs close person-to-person contact and perhaps will be a relationship that evolves over time.

Reflecting change

Another thing that is far from unusual is the bride who, over time, changes her mind in terms of the final look of the dress. It is also possible that weight and body shape might also vary from the time of the initial discussions and dress outline design to the time when the big day itself draws nearer. In these situations it is important to have a great relationship with your dressmaker and they may be able to react to those changes in order to ensure that your dress fits well.

Of course, the nearer your big day gets the more difficult it might be to reflect fundamental changes in the design, but it might be easier than trying to achieve the same in a scenario where you have purchased your dress off the peg. So, for all these reasons [and many more] it might be worth thinking carefully about using experienced wedding dress designers.